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Velcome to ViteMeir!

ViteMeir ("KnowMore") is a sience centre filled with different activities for all ages. Explore the world of sience and learn while having fun.

Here are some of the things you can experience: 

· Are you able to drive a truck? Try it for yourself in our Volvo truck simulator.

· Chanllenge your problem-solving skills in Sophus Lie's universe.

· Become a world champion in our Football Radar

· Play a game at our interactive ball wall

We are looking forward to welcoming you! 

Staying guests can book discounted tickets in the reception at Vesterland!


What is a Science Centre?

A science centre is a popular scientificic experince- and learning centre. A great mix of a museum, a show, a laboratory and an exciting play area.  

The science centers inspires adults and children to seek new experiences. 

Vitensenteret i Sogn og Fjordane AS is responsible for the product ViteMeir. 



VR simulator

A visit in our VR simulator might help you understand un-explainable facts from the real world.

Here you can for example:

  • Join Admiral Sophus Lie to the bottom of the Sognefjord in his submarine.

  • Time-travel 430 million years back in time to learn about how the earths landscape was made. 


From Vesterland to ViteMeir

ViteMeir is located 3 minutes by car from Vesterland, 15 minutes (1,5 km) by foot.

More Activities
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